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This site:
The intention of this web-site is to act as a repository and showcase (I use the term guardedly) for my development work as I muck about to improve my understanding of various aspects of programming, computer graphics and maths and physics as they relate to programming. While I welcome criticism and hope to collaborate on projects in future, this site is primarily intended to be personal and not really of general interest.
(Apologies for any garbage you may stumble across, it’s probably just leftover test files and the like and should all be neatly cleared away over time.)

A VB developer by trade, not particularly by choice. A software development engineer in the Avionics industry and with plenty of experience in the Civil Engineering sector, my programming interests include: C++, C#, XNA, OpenGL, WebGL, graphics, computational geometry, physics, maths and GUI design. I have more than a passing interest in databases, PHP, and SQL.

On good days, I can manage to string together the odd sentence in French, and after a couple of beers I become fluent in Spanish…

My “mission”:
Given the aforementioned information, one might think that video games programming would be the ideal career for me, as it combines all my primary interest into a single, neat and often pleasing whole (presumably the marketing bods in corporate branding would call this synergystically leveraging imagineering… that’ll be £200,000. Thankyewverymuch. Ka-ching!). Well, with the aid of this web-site I intend to find out.

I’ve bought “C++ for Dummies” and “Games Programming for Dummies”, why aren’t I a games programmer yet?
“Demo! Demo! Demo!” and “Passion! Passion! Passion!” seem to be the universal themes of all the advice sites. Musn’t forget “Code! Code! Code!” and “Learn! Learn! Learn!” either.

It occurs to me that anyone can be a games programmer, just sit down with a compiler and get on with it! Of course, what is really meant is professional games programmer, I want to get paid for this, dammit!

I have a tendency to become fascinated by mathematical or implementation details, how vectors work or should be implemented (for instance, DirectX D3DVectors). I like to know how something works at the lowest level before learning how to do it with higher level tools, e.g. a bit wise triangle fill routine before texture mapping with OpenGL or DirectX. All this means I “fritter” away time on “less” important areas. With this site as a focus maybe I’ll be able to achieve more.

Past blast
My old site can be found here